some artists

first: Sara Barker
second: Natalie Miebach

If I were to ever meet Natalie Miebach, we could discuss the fun of having double "ie"'s in our names. For a time I was signing my name Ann-Mariederer, combing my fist and last. Natalie could be Nataliebach...ok then. I would then like to ask her if I could have one of her sculptures please.


I love the simplicity of this work. I also love the craftsmanship. Also love the upcycledness with out the concept hitting you over the head. It is pure poetry.
Andy Vogt here


A/Art is a website dedicated to abstract art. I love it's simplicity.

above images are: Lael Marshall, Corey Antis, and Ariel Dill


would very much like to leave the hustle and bustle and escape down to Roy Boyd to see this show : JAY KELLY

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Fiber Arts

I think sometimes the title "fiber artist" gets a bad rap...there is a ug-mo seventies vibe that sends people running. Happily with the the return of respecting crafts, the are some great fiber artists out there and here is one:Aude Franjou from France.
Here is another textile museum that is on the list for the next European adventure...which I need to start planning.

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